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Whilst racing triathlon professionally husband & wife couple Claire & Kent Horner began “My Training Day”. What started as a small online coaching business, My Training Day has since grown into one of the biggest coaching academies in South Africa. We are currently coaching over 250 athletes with a team of other coaches both nationally and internationally. We were also honored to be selected as one of the finalists for the CapeTalk Small Business Awards in 2013. 

Other than MTD Coaching, My Training Day has also branched into franchises, online shop and events.

MTD Coaching

The My Training Day triathlon academy is for all athletes beginner to Elite. Each training program is personalised to suit every type of athlete from your disadvantaged athlete to your top corporate businessman. The coach takes into consideration the athletes time constraints; goals; weaknesses; age etc, and formulates a training plan that the athlete can follow building up to a particular goal. This goal can be as simple as completing a 5km run right up to qualifying for the Olympics.

We also offer nutritional plans and advice to complement the athletes training plan as well as squad training and one-one-one technique sessions for those athletes wanting to fine tune their technique.  

We are especially passionate about helping others reach their full potential  and over the past 9 years we have had the opportunity to deal with many different clients. When an athlete joins MTD it is not only a training program that they are receiving, it is a complete lifestyle change. We have watched many clients go from couch potato, overweight, smoking & drinking with little or no direction in life, to avid athlete finishing Ironman. As their coach, we walk the journey with them and guide them along the way.

MTD Cycles

With Kent having a passion for the retail element of sport. Kent also found that he could never find all his equipment under 1 roof and he spent hours searching for good prices and the correct equipment. As a novice you would like to have the correct equipment without breaking the bank and as a top level athlete you want options for all the great gear available. MTD Cycles was developed.  MTD Cycles includes bike fitments as well as our newly launched online shop where the athlete can purchase absolutely everything from wetsuits to bikes! Entry level equipment and high top end brands can be compared. All equipment has been carefully sourced so you are rest assured you are getting complete value for money.

MTD coached athletes are also offered great discounts!

MTD Franchises

MTD Franchises is a branch off MTD coaching. We have franchise coaches in Port Elizabeth as well as Durban and Cape Town. All MTD athletes are coached in the same manner on Training Peaks and all coaches have similar principles, including group training offered in the various provinces. We have specialist swim coaches and run technique coaches. Our franchise coaches are well trained and are all highly skilled and knowledgeable using the Training Peaks software to get the best possible information from their athletes.

MTD Events

MTD Events  includes our very successful and enjoyable yearly Knysna to Cape Town cycle tour as well as various training camps and clinics across the country.

Is this what you are looking for?

You have a goal in mind but you are not sure how to implement it… Join My Training Day to help you reach that goal and to get all the necessary training equipment suitable for your budget.

Contact info@mytrainingday.com for more information on our coaches and coaching facilities as well as our group training schedule