Session Includes:

  • Detailed rider interview.
  • Comprehensive body analysis.
  • Cleat/shoe assessment. Adjustments and recommendations, as needed
  • Initial real time data captures with Retül’s 3D dynamic motion capture
  • Review of initial Retül data captures
  • Bike fit adjustments and equipment recommendations
  • Additional data capture(s) with Retül

What to bring to the fitting session.

  • Bike (must be clean).
  • Cycling shoes (Cleats must be in proper working/adjustable condition).
  • Proper cycling clothing.
  • Skin must be smooth and clean without lotion.

After the fitting session you will receive.

  • Before and After adjustments Zin of bike report.
  • Final Upshift (Retül) Fit report.
  • Bike and Rider fit definition sheets.
  • Before and after photographs.

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