Joe Friel coaching affiliation


In Feb 2013 MTD bought Joe Friel out to South Africa. MTD has since affiliated with Joe. MTD is the only Joe Friel coaching affiliate in Southern Africa

 Joe Frielis perhaps the most recognizable name among triathlon and cycling coaches in the world. He is considered one of the sports’ original coaches having started in 1980. He has unrivaled experience in training athletes from professional to age grouper and from novice to Olympian. Joe has a Master’s degree in exercise science and is a highly sought-after speaker and a co-founder of, the leading provider of sport-analysis software in the world.

As a JOE FRIEL COACHING AFFILIATE MTD has one of the most recognizable and respected names in endurance sports. Over the past 2 years MTD has bought Joe Friel out twice. On such occasions all MTD coaches & franchises have the opportunity to learn from Joe himself through intensive courses & clinics.