ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream Travel Pack 10 x 8ml snap-it sachets

ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream Travel Pack brings your favourite chamois cream to you in a convenient, easy to use, travel friendly packaging.

Each travel pack consists of 10 x 8ml snap-it sachets.With 8ml of chamois cream per sachet you will find this more than ample for a single use. Pop in a couple of snap-it sachets into your bag when traveling to your next event, or even to take with for really long days on the bike, when you feel like you might want to re-apply.

The lanolin based cream with added beeswax is made with a secret blend of essential oils, each included in the recipe for a specific reason. The cream thus poses: anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apply a generous serving of ASS MAGIC to your nether regions and enjoy the ride of your life, every day