Coffee Co. Black Cat – Blend

Medium roastGuatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia

A Puurfect blend of African and South American beans, showing off the elegance of the Black Cat. Starting with low acidity, a smooth middle and a hazelnut chocolate aftertaste that lingers.


To celebrate our one-year anniversary of opening our doors, we embarked on a journey to develop a blend that would showcase Conversations Coffee Co.


We began to experiment using predominantly South American beans as we had developed something similar for The Bakery at Jordan. Knowing their potential, we started with a Brazil, Guatemala mix which was an immediate success but lacked the WOW factor we were looking for.


Having always been extremely impressed with our single-origin Yirgacheffe we decided to add it to the mix. Instantly we knew that this was what we were looking for and is now been used in The Black Cat café and Lazari



SCAA Score: 81

Altitude: 1500-2000m

Drying Process: Fully washed

Traceability: Regional Co-op



SCAA Score: 81.5

Altitude: 850-1250m

Drying Process: Natural

Traceability: Regional Co-op



SCAA Score: 82

Altitude: 1750-2200m

Drying Process: Washed

Traceability: Regional Co-op