Compressport Ultralight Backpack

The ideal backpack is one that is compact and ultra-light, but functional and spacious – and the Compressport Ultralight Backpack is exactly that. The backpack’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable, even during races with distances greater than 100km.


The backpack has a total water capacity of 4 litres, as well as space in the front for two 500ml soft flasks or two 750ml rigid bottles, and space at the back for one 650ml soft flask and a 1.5l water bladder. This makes it easy to take your water bottle out mid-run, without removing the backpack.


Two easy-to-reach mesh pockets at the front of the beckpack allow for convenient storage of gels, bars, cellphones or lights, which can be securely closed with drawstrings. Two additional mesh pockets at the sides provide even more storage space. A techno whistle can be found at the front of the backpack, making it easy to reach, should you need to do so.


Comfort is key on a long race, and the Ultralight backpack’s shock-absorbent silicone prints ensure that there is zero pressure and chafing on sensitive points like the inner arm, trapezius, or back. The silicone prints also minimise movement, even when you’re moving. An automatic Xtenex® shoelace sytem makes it easy to open and close the backpack on the go.


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