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Isla Mitchell

GE 5 R Giraffe Wall and Ceiling Sander, CutAway

GE 5 R Giraffe Wall and Ceiling Sander, CutAway

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The unique balance concept of the FLEX Giraffe guarantees relaxed, balanced working. Thanks to its optimum center of gravity and simple operation, sanding is noticeably more comfortable. The D-shaped handle, slim tube with recessed grip, and optimized joint also contribute to the tool鈥檚 exemplary ergonomics. What鈥檚 more: the FLEX Giraffe is practically vibration free. Intelligent use of materials and weight-optimized design allows the FLEX Giraffe to come in at 8.9 pounds, almost a whole pound lighter than its predecessors. This enables better handling and effortless working on high ceilings as well as on walls.

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