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Isla Mitchell

Hamilton Beach 30Cup Rice Cooker

Hamilton Beach 30Cup Rice Cooker

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Hamilton Beach 30-Cup Rice Cooker

Hamilton Beach搴?Rice Cooker make mounds of delicious, fluffy rice with minimal effort. Making rice and whole grains in the Hamilton Beach搴?Rice Cooker is as easy as placing the ingredients in the nonstick bowl and turning it on. The rice will cook perfectly on its own, giving you time to prepare the rest of your meal. There閳ユ獨 no need to worry about boiling water, adjusting the temperature or even setting a timer 閳?it will automatically shift to warm once the cook cycle is complete. And with a 30 cup cooked rice capacity, you閳ユ獟l have enough to feed a crowd. The included steamer basket is ideal for steaming meats, seafood and vegetables while your rice is cooking. And the removable basket divider lets you prepare an entire meal by steaming 2 different foods at once. Clean up is a snap with the dishwasher safe nonstick cooking bowl and glass lid.


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