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Isla Mitchell

Hpnotiq Liqueur (1 L)

Hpnotiq Liqueur (1 L)

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Hpnotiq French Vodka Liqueur 1L is a smooth, refreshing and deliciously sweet spirit. It is made with premium French vodka, natural fruit juices and a touch of Cognac. Hpnotiq is perfect for any occasion, whether you are enjoying it neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Hpnotiq was created in 2001 by Bernard Legrand and Jacques Jourdain in the city of Cannes, France. The duo were inspired by the vibrant nightlife scene of the city and set out to create a unique liqueur that would stand out from the crowd. With its beautiful blue hue and tantalizing flavor, Hpnotiq quickly became a sensation among party-goers and mixologists alike. Today, Hpnotiq is enjoyed by people all over the world and has become an essential ingredient in many popular cocktails. Hpnotiq likes to mix with other Vodkas, Coconut Rum and Champagne.

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