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Isla Mitchell

JMC USA 90 Compact Magnetic Base Drill

JMC USA 90 Compact Magnetic Base Drill

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The Fein JMC USA 90 Compact Magnetic Base Drill (72721561120) combines power and versatility in an extremely compact, lightweight tool. This Drill is the smallest on the market and is designed for drilling in the workshop and on the construction site at depths up to 1-3/8鈥?(35 mm). The Slugger 1,100 Watt high-powered motor provides stable speed and allows forward and reverse rotation. With its compact size, the JMC USA 90 allows a 3/8鈥?ratchet to be fitted on either side of the drill, making it an ideal solution for tight spaces. At just under 7鈥?tall with 2,250 lb of magnetic holding force, this versatile drill allows users to operate in constricted spaces without sacrificing power.

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