K-EDGE Computer Mount for Garmin

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Aero Garmin Handlebar Mount for Garmin EDGE 510, 500, 200

The ultimate upgrade for the Garmin Computer. Aero design feedback by Team SKY for Tour de France helped create this ultimate mount for the Edge® 200, 500, and 510. Combining the unquestionable strength and ideal position of our aluminum arm and the advanced security of our Garmin compatible locking system. The K-EDGE definitive “click” makes it clear that your Garmin is locked on tight. 

Compatible with K-EDGE Action Camera Mount adapter (K13-580) 

Replaceable Garmin interface insert (K13-504)


The NEW K-EDGE Aero Garmin mount was developed for Team SKY who requested a more aerodynamic mount for the 2014 Tour de France. The goal was to place the Garmin EDGE 510 computers as close to the handlebar as possible and have an aerodynamic leading edge. By combining these updates with the ideal position out-front, centered and flush with the top of the handlebars, we believe it is fair to call it the aero mount. 

This mount is ideal for the Garmin EDGE® 200, 500, 510. Garmin EDGE® 800, 810, 1000 users should choose the K-EDGE Garmin Mount – XL (K13-505).

Like all of our products, we CNC machine this mount at our facility here in Boise, Idaho, USA. It is the strongest cycling computer mount available. K-EDGE mounts are 100% carbon fiber handlebar safe. 

The aero mount is compatible with the optional K-EDGE combo mount adapter (K13-580). This turns your aero mount into a combination computer and action camera mount. K-EDGE action camera mounts help smooth and clear your video footage by removing the camera shake found with using plastic camera mounts.

The advanced co-polymer insert locks your computer with strength and security, while ensuring that the fit is tight, yet the computers tabs are not put under undue strain. This replaceable insert (K13-504) is designed and extensively tested with the purpose of breaking away prior to your computer body tabs, in the event of a crash. 

Team SKY confirmed these were the ideal mounts in the Tour de France and we trust you’ll enjoy using this new aero mount.

Made in the USA, Lifetime Guarantee against material or manufacture defects. Damages due to abuse or crashing excluded.

• Aerodynamic leading edge and ideal computer placement

• Design feedback and Tour de France tested by Team SKY

• Ideal placement of Edge® 200, 500, and 510 close to the stem 

• Compatible: 31.8mm diameter handlebars, 100% carbon bar safe 

• Colors: Anodized Black, Gun Metal, Red, Blue

• Weight: 29 grams

• K13-560 (Combo Mount K13-560C)