MB1 Massage Ball

The MB1 massage ball provides direct deep tissue compression for fast relief of aches, pains and muscle fatigue.
Designed to replicate the pressure a massage therapist's hand, the MB1 is ideal for targeting small muscles such as calves, piriformis and pecs.



The MB1 Massage Ball is a great choice for targeted relief. It’s EVA foam surface more effectively “grips” the areas being addressed to release discomfort and tightness without pinching or irritating nerves like a harder golf ball or lacrosse ball might do. With a slip resistant texture, the MB1 can be used on any hard surface, so you can roll anytime, anywhere. For best results, place the ball directly on the area of discomfort, apply pressure and roll side to side.


Use to manage minor aches and pains

Convenient size for travel and portability

Foam surface makes cleaning easy and efficient

Designed to withstand repeated use without breaking down

Recommended areas of use:

Lower Leg: foot, calf, tibilias anterior,

Hip/Glutes: glutes, psoas,

Upper Body: upper back, chest/pecs, lats/side torso, neck and arms.