MB5 Massage Ball


With a five inch diameter, the MB5 is ideal for relieving tightness and restoring movement in hard to reach muscle groups like the hips and shoulders.



The MB5 is a great tool for anyone needing to release tight shoulders or hips. It’s five inch diameter was specifically designed to address the deeper tissue in the large muscle groups that become tight due to repetitive movement and sitting. The layered construction made up of different densities offers varying levels of pressure to break up adhesions, stimulate blood flow and restore mobility. Ideal to use during a pre-work out or anytime you need relief.


Use to manage minor aches and pains

Light weight and portable

5" in diameter to provide extra leverage and stability

Foam surface makes cleaning easy and efficient

Superior design and quality material that will not breakdown after repeated use

Recommended areas of use:

Lower Leg: calf

Hip/Glutes: glutes, hamstring, hips


Upper Body: shoulders, upper back, chest and side torso