ON Cloudventure Peak Men's White Black


 Meet the next-generation On Cloudventure Peak. A series of Swiss-engineered updates elevates our iconic trail racing shoe to even greater levels of performance. Power up the mountain with the aggressive bite of the Missiongrip ™ outsole.


Power past rivals with the high-torsion Speedboard. Then power down challenging descents with the shock-absorbing Zero-Gravity heel clouds. The Cloudventure Peak. Power On.


Cloudventure Technology – More grip, more speed

Missiongrip™ technology in an aggressive grip pattern adds bite on soft trails. Varied patterns in the ‘sticky’ rubber overlay provide hold on rough and smooth surfaces. Zero-Gravity heel Clouds provide soft landings as you power down dizzying descents.


Cloudventure Materials – Ultralight Ripstop

The high-comfort step in is the result of the supportive inner-sock construction. The upper features a featherlight yet durable ripstop fabric that combines protection with breathability and just the right amount of stretch. Supportive taping wraps the foot, adding hold so you can really let go on race day.


Cloudventure Design – Power your mission

The second-generation Cloudventure Peak sees a series of Swiss-engineered updates, elevating our iconic trail racing shoe to even higher levels of performance. Like the new Speedboard™, for example. Its split forefoot design and narrower midfoot increase torsion for responsive agility over uneven ground. Power up. Power down. Power On.




Runners looking for a lightweight trail competition shoe with downhill cushioning



Breathable, durable ultralight upper. Supportive elastic taping over the forefoot. Sock construction ensures precise fit and optimal midfoot support. Perforated inner layer for cooling comfort.



Made for responsive off-road acceleration. The split forefoot enables maximum

agility over uneven ground.



Missiongrip™ rubber provides purchase and traction on varying surfaces even in wet conditions.


Multidirectional lugs are positioned to support a natural push-off motion and explosive sideways movements.


Five forefoot cloud pods provide forefoot cushioning and double as grip studs on softer ground.


Zero Gravity heel elements reduce the impact of running downhill as only Cloudtec® can.