Orca 226 Men's Kompression Skin Race Suit

Orca's 226 Kompress Race Suit combines three innovative fabrics with features and construction perfectly suited to endurance triathlon racing.

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70 denier, circular knit KillaSkn Kompress is used in the lower part of the race suit to provide active and graduated compression to the legs. Orca's Vapour-Cool fabric uses nano crystals embedded in the fibre to naturally conduct heat away from the body, keeping you cool. The cross-section yarn construction enhances moisture wicking and dries quickly.

This highly breathable fabric also contains silver ions that are antibacterial and deodorizing, and anti-allergy, making it ideal for longer distance racing and use in hot conditions. The new wide cut KompressMesh leg hems provide a super comfortable, low profile hem that aids with muscle compression and aids blood flow from the upper legs to the heart. Wide gauge Tri-Enduro Mesh is used on the back panels for breathability and moisture management. The UPF50+ protection offered by all fabrics used in this suit makes it ideal for race days when you're out in the elements for long periods of time. The 4mm Tri-tech Chamois has perforations to increase its quick dry qualities, and is anti-bacterial, making it super comfortable on the bike and run. There are two covered rear pockets with reflective trims for secure storage and visibility in low light conditions.

Shoulder, centre back, lower torso: killaskn kompress 230gsm 72% nylon, 28% spandex
Front chest- vapour cool - 155gsm, 86% polyester (71% talent yarn), 14% spandex jacquard
Back- tricot mesh - 170gsm, 80% polyester, 20% spandex
Hem- kompress – 230 gsm, 71% nylon, 21% lycra
LONG DISTANCE SUPPORT AND BREATHABILITY: Compression bottom and cool yarn vapour upper body fabric
COMFORT: 4mm thick italian tri-tech chamois, with a 120kg density
COLOURWAYS: Good colour choice