Profile Design Water Bottle Aero HC System

Adjustable Bracket

Bracket attaches to the aerobar extensions and offers width adjustment as well as length adjustment. Cage and computer mount are independently length adjustable on the bracket.

Integrated Computer Mount

Independently adjustable computer mount integrates with the bracket and hides the computer behind the bottle for an additional aerodynamic advantage.

Flip-Top Cap

Flip cap for secure, quick and easy on-the-go refill with no splash.

Simplified 2-Bolt Adjustments

Width of the bracket is controlled by just two bolts to easily adjust to wider or narrower aerobar systems. 

Tech Specs

Construction: BPA-Free, Foodsafe HDPE Bottle, Injected Nylon/Glass Fiber Bracket and Computer Mount

Width: 85mm-120mm (center to center)

Capacity: 28oz (828ml)

Weight: 248g (system), 138g (bracket only)

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