Rapilock Axle 147 Road Rear 12 x 150 -171mm


Road Rear 12 x 150-171mm

Bicycle through axle is for speed release front or rear wheel. Tool-free design with integrated lever hidden inside the axle shaft. Increase the reliability of the locking system. Easy and fast operation at home or out there in the field. Light weight compared to through axle with lever.


RapiLock Axle 147 comes with 6 different threads can pair up to 10 different specification covering at least 80% of market sizes for Roaddisc rear wheel.

The axle is designed with an integrated lever. When the lever is not needed to install the axle, it is completely hidden inside the axle body. In this position, the appearance of the bike will be concise and it will also increase the reliability of the locking system by avoiding impact with the lever.


Please watch measurement guide video:



Weight for Reference:

M12xP1.5x160mm Thread Length 13mm=55g



Aluminum 7075 Axle Length Ø12x147mm x1 piece


Aluminum 7075 Thread x6 pieces

-Blue: M12*P1.0 Thread Length 20mm

-Red: M12*P1.0 Thread Length 13mm

-Brown: M12*P1.5 Thread Length 18mm

-Green: M12*P1.5 Thread Length 15mm

-Purple: M12*P1.5 Thread Length 13mm

-Pink: M12*P1.75 Thread Length 20mm


Skewer x1 piece

Spacer x1 piece

Cone x1 piece

allen wrench x1 piece

Safety/Quality Approvals

All bicycle products are tested and passed according to ISO 4210 regulation.