Ryder CO2 Cartridge 16g

Product Information:

- Uses Co2 - non-flammable, non-toxic, no CFCs or HCFCs.

- Non-corrosive.

- Uses standard 3/8 - 24UNF Threaded cartridges 12gm, 16gm, 25g and 38gm.

- Complete with 2x16g CO2 and cartridge holder.

- Can be used to inflate all bike tyres and even Motor Bikes, ATVs & Quad Bikes.

- For or use with Schrader AND Presta Valves.

More information about CO2:

CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is an odorless, colorless, non inflammable gas with a light sour taste, it does not contain any minerals, salts or other solid ingredients.

CO2 is used worldwide for food preparation, deep freezing and as a propellant for carbonated drinks. Our CO2 Chargers are filled with 100% pure CO2. 


Cartridge contains 16g of Carbon Dioxide (E290) under high pressure.

Please only use with a device approved for this cartridge and follow manufacturers instructions.

Non-aerosol. Non refillable. Recyclable steel.

Never dispose of full cartridges.

Keep out of reach of children.

Explosion danger - 50C max temperature.

Do not take onboard an aircraft.


Cartridge Data:

Cartridge contains 16g (20 Cubic cms) of pure CO2 at approx 60bar/900psi.

Cartridge Volume/Water capacity: 21ml

Filling Pressure: 8MPa

Force required to pierce: 400N max.

Thread = 3/8"-24UNF.

Cartridge total weight 56gm.

Coating: Fe/Zn8 Zinc plating finish.

Size 88.6mm x 21.9mm.