Super Help Bike Degreaser 400ml SH-840 (6pack)

Extra powerful surface cleaner and degreaser. A blend of powerful solvents and emulsifiers, combined to quickly remove grease, grime, dirt & oil from the chain and from all moving bike parts. Easy to use, just spray it on, wait for some minutes and rinse off for collection and proper disposal.

FEATURES: Cleans and degreases the chain. Cleans and degreases the brake disc. Cleans and degreases all moving bike parts. Stable, non-staining and non-corrosive to metals. Emulsifiers enable the product to be easily washed away with water. If necessary, collect the water mix for disposal according to local regulations. Equipped with a special aerosol sprayer head with extension tube for an easier use. The fast acting formulation saves time. Caustic materials free. Aerosols use butan-propane propellant to maintain high pressure to the very last fluid in the can.

APPLICATIONS: Bicycle chain. Bicycle brake disc. Bicycle moving parts.