Super HelpTyre Repair 100ml Quick Connect SH-1100QC (6pack)

All bicycle riders need to get such an easy and handy product with them. not having an outside connector with hose, but an all-in connector is a true advantage to them. in this way they can place the can in their pocket or on the frame of the bicycle. such a connector is an advantage even for off roads riders who tie the can to the frame of the bicycle, because it will remain clean being protected by the clear cap. For repairing and inflating instantly, without dismounting the wheel every kind of tyre - with or without tube. It acts deeply into the tyre forming a special sealing film which ensures an efficacious repair. A rubber latex based aerosol product that re-inflates punctured tyres and at the same time seals the puncture. Super Help tyre repair is designed to give fast, temporary relief in emergency situations when changing a wheel with a flat tyre is inconvenient or even dangerous.

FEATURES Seals and inflates in a few seconds ; enabling to drive to a service facility for examination and/or replacement by a professional. Forms a stable, durable film inside the tyre. This inner protective film lasts far beyond the life of the tyre itself. Clean and easy to use on all types of tyres, tubed or tubeless.