Synerchi Organics Baobanana Protein Shake

Our BAOBANANA SHAKE is a bespoke blend to supply your body with the finest quality plant-based, nutrient-dense proteins. The purest blend of carefully selected superfoods that are POTENT in antioxidants & vitamin A.

Natural pro-biotic
Super plant based protein
Great for heart health
High in dietary fiber
High in bioavailable vitamins & minerals 
All essential & non-essential amino acids
Exceptionally high in minerals Our Baobana Protein Shake is a bespoke blend to supply your body with the finest quality plant-based, nutrient-dense proteins. It will help to accelerate recovery from exercise, supporting general wellness and helping you achieve optimal physical and mental performance, resulting in larger, leaner muscle gain, naturally. The purest blend of carefully selected superfoods that are potent in antioxidants and vitamin A to ensure that the body absorbs the organic 65% edistin protein perfectly, which accelerates the regeneration of muscle building after a period of exertion and while in rest. While it is ideal for sportsmen and womenathletes and bodybuilders, our Baobanana Protein Shake is equally suited to people with limited time to exercise.


250 grams