Synerchi Purple Sweet Potato Powder

A high antioxidant food that is magnetically eye-catching with its distinct royal purple colour, naturally sweet flavour and fluffy consistency that can be used as healthy metabolising carbs for energy before extreme physical exercise. This superior quality product of diverse, potent nutrients and antioxidants will assist your body in fighting cancer, anti-inflammation, lowering the risk of hormone disease, and balancing blood pressure, increasing your body’s ability to boost immunity and lower inflammation and acidity.
Key Nutritional Benefits:
Lowers blood pressure
Rich in antioxidants
Immune boosting
Cancer fighting
Lowers risk of hormone imbalance
Improved endurance
100% Organic Purple Sweet Potato Powder

How to Use:

Mix 1 scoop with your favorite smoothie or breakfast once daily in the mornings or mix with some @sea buckthorn for a great tasting energy drink. You can also use in cakes, breads, and healthy treats.