Xlab Bag Aero Pouch 300


The tidiest repair storage solution for single bottle rear systems!

Tidy repair storage wraps around your rear system’s bottle cage

Fast storage with CFD-proven aerodynamics

Clincher: Fits tube, CO2s, inflator, tire levers, multi-tool & patches

Tubular – Fits most inflating foam sealants

Compatible with XLAB metal single rear systems

Single rear systems are very popular these days, but the one problem with them is finding a way to store your repair kit. NOT ANYMORE! XLAB has designed the 1st aerodynamic repair storage bag for these systems. This patent-pending design looks compact & sleek, but at the same time will carry a great deal of essential repair tools.

Fits around the bottle cage on all metal XLAB single rear systems.

Simple install by using the 2 bottle cage holes.

AERO POUCH 300 actually helps the drag behind you by collecting the air into a smooth airflow.

Velcro zipper pull stays down to avoid zipper flapping drag. XLAB focuses on the fine aerodynamic details!


Clincher: Tube, CO2 cartridges, inflator, tire levers, patches & TRI TOOL KIT

Tubular: TIRE MATE or most inflating foam sealants. (Note: will not fit Vittoria Pitstop)