Xlab Cage Torpedo Carbon Gloss

Only cage designed with horizontal bottles in mind


Fast & Easy access to bottle

5lb. tight grip securing bottles

Deep top hook to prevent bottle slippage

Horizontal adjustment for that perfect bottle position

Use XLAB Aqua-Shot Squeeze and Squirt none-drip Bottle.

Great for horizontal use such as on the Torpedo system



Ideal for 20km, 40km TT/TRI, 70.3, Ironman.

Lowest Drag of any front system

Only 7 in2 (24cm2) Frontal Area 68% less than most others

Specially designed by XLAB to be light and aerodynamic.

Perfect with XLAB AQUA-SHOT bottle for Sprint Tris or 20km TT's.

Add XLAB AERO TT bottle and cage for Olympic Tris or 40km TT's.

Taking a drink from an XLAB AQUA-SHOT once every 15 minutes is faster than the drag (as much as 50 grams) from a 3/8 dia (10 mm.) straw for the whole bike split.

Use on 70.3 or Ironman races to eliminate huge drag from front vertical bottles and straws.

Material: Carbon Fiber

Weight: 25g